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Vilma Machado was born in São Paulo in 1959 and lives as a painter in The Netherland.


She started her career in her early years and soon transformed her work into a research lab.


Her artistic production shows a serious commitment with the search for new ways of creative expression.


Working beyond preconceptions, Machado and has been always concerned with developing her own dynamics and styles as a sensible bridge between inspiration and technical expertise.


We can observe a radical breach of traditions in many of Machado's paintings, yet often searching for more intrinsic forms of dialogue with the past in a process of incessant discovery. Machado has never hesitated to spend months on a piece of painting and finally to change it completely or even redo the same project as many times as she found necessary in order to meet her own satisfaction as a highly demanding artist.


The painter also uses her sensibilities as a poet and photographer in a fruitful interartistic dialogue, since art knows no limit and every technical obstacable can be used as a tool for greater achievements. 


Although impasto is one of her favourite techniques, Machado also makes an impressive use of fat-over-lean, 

wet-on-dry and wet-on-wet. she has been often ready to mix different styles in some of her paintings, exploring art as an transdisciplinar field where dialogue is not a mere sum, but a creation of potencialities.



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